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About WECC

WE Culture Connect is a London-based live entertainment production company, with its sister company located in Shanghai China. The company specialised in international productions including darama and musical, immersive theatre and immersive dinning. WECC has a vision to bridge UK/Europe and Asia via performing arts. Not only introduce globle projects to Asia, but help promoting excellent China/Asia work to international market. Established back in 2016, WECC has been involved in a number of world-class productions. Company credits include:

  • China representative of Society of London Theatre and the Olivier Awards (2016-2019)
  • Associated Producer of The Wind in the Willows the musical (2016-2017, London, UK) by Jamie Hendry Productions, UK.
  • Producer, Investor and GM of the immersive Alice’s Adventures Underground (2017-2020, Shanghai, China), originally by Les Enfants Terribles Productions, UK.
  • Associated Producer of the immersive The Great Gatsby (2019-2023, London, UK) by Hartshorn and Hook Productions, UK.
  • Producer, Investor and GM of immersive dinning The Grand Expedition (2020-now, Shanghai and Shenzhen, China), originally by Gingerline Productions, UK.
  • Representative of the immersive Apollo 13, originally by Hackman Productions, New Zealand.
  • Producer and GM of immersive dinning Yummy Studio (2022-now, Shanghai, China).

Our Team

Yi Xie

Founder & Chief  Producer

• Holds Bachelor of Arts in Literature from the Communication University of China.

• Holds Master of Arts and Media from the University of Westminster.

• Holds Master of Cultural and Creative Industries from King’s College London. • As the youngest Chinese producers active in West End, she is equipped with extensive experience in multinational production and management, responsible for all project production and operational management for the company.

• Since 2016, Celia serves as the exclusive official representative of the Society of London Theatre and Lawrence Olivier Awards in China, actively promoting cultural exchanges between China and the UK.

• Attended the fifth meeting of the China-UK High-Level People-to-People Dialogue in 2017 and signed the agreement for the landmark priority project Alice’s Adventures Underground under the witness of leaders from both countries

• Led the production of projects including immersive drama Alice’s Adventures Underground, environmental play ” Electric Eden, immersive dining productions The Grand Expedition and Yummy Studio among others.

• Received the 2021-2022 Study UK Alumni Award granted by the British Council and the Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy.

Qi Qi

Founder & Director

•Holds two master degrees from Master of Maritime Law from the University of Swansea and Master of Energy Trading & Finance from Cass Business School.

• Between 2014-2019: engage in commodity trading at the headquarters of a top 30 commodity giant listed in a Fortune 500 companies

• Trading experience covers various regions, including the UK, Switzerland, Canada, Africa, South America, and China.

• Since 2015, he has been engaged in cultural industry investment and international copyright trading, building valuable industry resources. Mainly responsible for business expansion, investment and financing, and daily management of the company.

• As the only Chinese investor in drama industry at West End of London , Qi has invested in Proscenium Entertainment Group, the West End musical The Wind in the Willows, immersive theatre productions The Great Gatsby, and The Wolf of Wall Street, among others.

• Member of Shanghai Cultural Promotion Association, member of Shanghai Cultural and Creative Industries Association, and member of British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

• Professional committee member of China Amusement Equipment and Amusement Park Association for immersive entertainment.

• Professional committee member of the National Cultural Science and Technology Innovation Service Alliance for immersive industry.

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What’s On!







热点聚焦| 《伊顿的故事》亮相上海国际艺术节

Olivier Award| WECC will cooperate with Olivier Award in 2018


What’s On!






热点聚焦| 《伊顿的故事》亮相上海国际艺术节

热点聚焦 | WECC晋身西区音乐剧制作人,亮相《柳林风声》首映式

热点聚焦 |沉浸式戏剧《爱丽丝冒险奇遇记》即将登陆上海!

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