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Fuyang Liu

Fuyang Liu is a high-profiled Chinese traditional/Contemporary dance artist. His dancing career spans two decades, in which time Fuyang has won many awards including the national Lotus Award for professional dance. Fuyang has also been given the title of China National Class-A Dance Performer and has been selected to be the Chief Performer and Head of Performance at Zhejiang Song&Dance Theatre.

In the official year of cultural exchange between the UK and China, WE designed a professional development trip for Fuyang, who expressed interest in learning from UK artists in order to develop his dance skills. After consulting Fuyang about his interests and goals, WE offered him full package of travel and courses, which will took place in early 2016.

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In-depth Theatre Experience

WE Culture Connect launched the ‘In-depth Theatre Experience’ in January 2016 in London, offering an education tour designed for people with passion and interest in theatre. The project gives participants the opportunity to experience a wide range of theatre in a variety of contexts and genres. Over 15 Musical Theatre students, amateurs and professionals from China have taken part so far. The group experienced more than 20 theatre related activities, including watching shows, theatre backstage tours, Shakespeare’s Birth Place tours, Musical Theatre training, performance workshops and performance institution tours.

Musical Theatre Rehearsal Workshop

WE Culture Connect, in collaboration with the Arts Educational Schools London (‘Best Drama School’ The Stage), launched a Musical Theatre Rehearsal Taster Workshop in April 2016. Led by three experienced teachers from ArtsED, the two-day workshop offered a genuine experience of rehearsing for a musical show. The workshop included everything involved in the professional process; from script reading to singing, dancing and acting. Participants in the UK performed a ‘graduation showcase’ on the second day and also received a wonderful workshop certificate from ArtsED.

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热点聚焦| 《伊顿的故事》亮相上海国际艺术节

Olivier Award| WECC will cooperate with Olivier Award in 2018


What’s On!






热点聚焦| 《伊顿的故事》亮相上海国际艺术节

热点聚焦 | WECC晋身西区音乐剧制作人,亮相《柳林风声》首映式

热点聚焦 |沉浸式戏剧《爱丽丝冒险奇遇记》即将登陆上海!

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